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To obtain further information on your Benefits (ie. Pension, Life Insurance, Annual, Sick Leaves, Special Leaves, Dental, Chiropractor, Laser Eye, Eyeglasses, Orthotic Appliances, Physiotherapy, Medical Prescriptions, Hearing Aids, Proof of Employment, Disability, Hospital Room, etc.):

(Please Note: Health, Dental, and Vision Benefits is dependent on your application of Single or Family Coverage, and type of Option chosen).

1. Please see your Shop Steward, Chief Shop Steward, or your 4th V.P. Full-Time Officer at the Toronto Local.

2. Visit Canada Post's mysite/intrapost website. For assistance to log on to Intrapost; call 1-877-411-8585.

3. Visit Canada Post's "Workperks" website. For Assistance to Log In Call Venngo at 1-866-383-6646.

4. For Health, Vision, Dental enquiries; visit Great-West Life GroupNet for plan Members. For assistance to log on to Great-West Life, or if you do not have access to the internet; call 1-800-957-9777.

5. Call Canada Post's Benefits/Human Resources at 1-877-807-9090.

6. To review your Designated Beneficiary(ies), call 1-877-480-9220.

7. Call Coughlin Insurance (C.U.P.W. Insurance) at 1-800-668-9819.

8. Call Service Canada regarding enquiries about C.P.P. (Canada Pension Plan) and O.A.S. (Old Age Security) at 1-800-622-6232.

9. Call Logistiks regarding your Uniform Entitlements at 1-800-265-1314.

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A) Basic Life Insurance Plan and CPC Death Benefits

B) Guide to Short Term Disability Program (RSMC & Urban)

C) List of Covered Drugs

D) CUPW Life Insurance

E) Disability Insurance

F) Parental Rights

G) RSMC Vision and Hearing Plan

H) Urban Dental Care Plan

I) Urban Extended Health Care Plan

J) Urban and RSMC Vision and Hearing Plan

Claim Forms can also be found in this website in the "Medical & WSIB Forms" Menu.

For additional information, please see your:
1. Shop Steward
2. Chief Shop Steward
3. Your respective C.U.P.W. Elected Executive(s)


A reminder that General Membership Meetings are scheduled every 3rd Tuesday of every Month, and are held @ C.U.P.W. Toronto Local (626) ** except** December; held on the 2nd Tuesday.
47 Densley Avenue,
North York, ON
M6M 5A8
(East of Keele Street, South of Lawrence Avenue, North of Eglinton Avenue).

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Please see your Union Representative for Meeting schedules.